Russian media dissent from Kremlin lies about MH17

The XX Committee

The Russian Ministry of Defense has just held a press conference on the downed Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17), lost last week in southeastern Ukraine, in territory under the Kremlin’s control. Moscow’s handle on disinformation is slipping, as current spin is transparently implausible. This bodes poorly for peace and stability in Europe, and speaks volumes — none of them edifying or pleasant — about the Kremlin’s state of mind at the moment.

Propaganda works, and there is no doubt that most Russians believe Kremlin lies about MH17. However, there is dissent, even if not much of it. Today, the newspaper Novaya Gazeta, practically the last independent media outlet in Russia that’s willing to strongly criticize Putin and the intelligence services (not coincidentally, four NG reporters, most famously Anna Politovskaya, have been murdered since 2001, usually under “mysterious circumstances”), published a dissenting account. The piece by Yuliya Latynina…

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